About this website

About the Events Calendar

The calendar aims to list less commercial events, heritage, tours and mostly, the astonishing array of free (or cheap) lectures that the societies and universities of London provide. They really are, in my opinion, a little known and underused facility for Londoners.

There is a facility for people to submit events to the calendar manually, but please read the guide first.

About the Blog

I tend to write about London’s heritage, transport, architecture, and offbeat geeky events that are taking place. The more obscure the better.

What I don’t write about are — for example — fashion, clothing, pop-up shops or general consumer fluff.

Basically, have a look at the blog, it should be clear what I am going to be writing about.

Message to Public Relations and Guest Blog Pitches

Some bloggers love being contacted by PR people, and some loathe it. Suitable pitches that are relevant to less commercial events and news in London, construction, history and science are likely to be at the very least, read. If you think I will be excited about the latest pop-up fashion store or boutique hotel, then you will be disappointed.

Important, I do NOT accept guest/paid/sponsored blog posts.

Contact Me

(Are you a PR/SEO person? Did you read the above bit first?)

Email me at [email protected]

40 Switch House,
4 Blackwall Way,
E14 9QS

About Ian

An experienced writer, originally in mobile telecoms, running the cellular-news trade magazine, and later setting up IanVisits as a way of carrying on organising social events.

The website is now much more a listings guide to the obscure, and writing about London.

Because people ask for some reason, the website is a highly customised version of WordPress.