An infinite loop of sunrise and sunset at the Barbican

A huge 24 metre length of slowly moving photographic film is currently turning in an endless loop in the heart of the Barbican.

It’s a large scale installation by the contemporary art group, Troika that transforms the Lightwell of the Barbican into a setting for an artificial infinite loop of sunset and sunrise, or as they put it… “creating rather than recording reality, it blurs the boundaries between experience and physical spheres, natural and man–made spaces.”

The transparent photographic film was coloured to create the sunset and sunrise colours, and was especially designed to fit into the Barbican’s lightwell space — so it flows between two floors.

It also rotates very slowly. Just about fast enough that a minute or so will show a decent level of change, but sufficiently slowly that anyone looking at it for a while will look a bit odd as they “contemplate” a sheet of plastic hanging in the air.

Although in essence, it’s a fairly simple idea wrapped up in the usual arty lingo, it’s a pleasing effect.

The rotating film will be rotating until sometime in May.


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