Tickets Alert: The Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race

Rather than watching rowers in the distance on the Thames, watch two apty named goats race around the Spitalfields city farm for their own goaty fame and glory.

The fun event will see a couple of pygmy goats, one for each University lock horns as they race around a prepared track within the farm.

Tickets to attend the annual Goat Race go on sale this morning – and cost £16.10 for the early bird release.

Rather like that less important boating thing, the Goat Race takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 7th April 2019.

Being goats, the time of the race is down to how they feel on the day, but it usually takes place around mid-afternoon, although the farm opens for pre-race fun at lunchtime.

(c) Spitalfields City Farm
This year they are going bigger and better and having an after party, and also keep your eyes peeled for a special warm-up event.


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